What is it?

This video might not answer all your questions about StoryPlay, but it'll give you an idea what it's is all about. Plus it's short, fun, and really cute!



Storyplay is a fun desktop app to unleash the storyteller in every kid.

Whether it's a fairy tale with an unusual heroine, a stand-off between a Yeti and a space dog, or an adventure in your neighborhood, StoryPlay lets your child tell it how they see it. StoryPlay Tools

Boy StoryPlay includes beautifully illustrated scenes, characters, and props — plus intuitive tools for drawing, painting, writing, and making your child's story as unique as them.

With StoryPlay, kids can tell a tall tale in as few as 10 minutes. Or is there more to it? Let kids edit and add pages to craft their story. They can even record a voiceover. And then share it with friends, grandparents, or teachers.

Story Starter

Getting Started. Choose from "starter stories" like space adventure, fairy tale, or busy city. StoryPlay gives kids structure they can adapt to tell it their way.

Scribblers Welcome. Draw, Paint, and Color. Unlike other apps, StoryPlay lets your kid create what they like, how they like. Once Upon a Time

Use Your Words. Kids can add their words to every page. They can even use the microphone on your computer to narrate their story, guiding us through every twist and turn of their adventure.

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